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I’ve attended lots of brilliant CPD sessions and have been grateful to take away a nugget or two. But Laura’s are by far the best; they are literally jam-packed full of practical strategies and inspiring ideas for new teachers as well as those with experience. Not only is she generous with her time and expertise but the wealth of resources she shares are second to none.Thank you Laura. Next step – relocate my family so that I can work for you!


Laura’s CPD was excellent. It was both interesting and thought-provoking. She provided strategies I could immediately embed into my teaching, alongside ideas for longer term planning. The pace was quick without being overwhelming and delivery was great. Having resources ahead of the CPD was beneficial too. Thank you so much!

Joanne Mc @joannemc23

I have attended Laura’s CPD about KS3 assessment and teaching Structure at GCSE. Both were inspiring, giving practical advice that could easily be applied to the classroom and helped with wider curriculum changes we were implementing at KS3. I would highly recommend her CPD; it is well worth the investment!

Lauren Mccarthy @misslmccarthy

This CPD is incredible value! Laura packs years of experience into a one hour CPD session which distils complex ideas into workable strategies. I have left each session with a greater understanding of how to bring these ideas into the classroom. Not only that but she is so generous with the resources that she shares so you don’t have to create your own after the session! I can’t recommend them enough!

Rebecca kelly @__becky

I attended Laura’s CPD session about how to teach grades 7-9 in literature and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Laura is so knowledgeable and so humble with her genius intellect, I came away not only improving my own practice but wanting to be a part of her department! Her session was incredibly useful, I felt a renewed sense of confidence and I loved the fact that I could access the materials beforehand. I can’t wait for the next one!

Miss Woonton @awoonton

As I come to the end of my PGCE, I can safely say, that the knowledge gained by attending Laura’s CPD has been invaluable! She has a way of imparting information that is logical, relevant and can only enhance my students’ potential. Would more than highly recommend!

Natalie white @nat_leewhite

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