This series is focused on the three most popular texts for the English literature exams. Each sessions focuses on subject knowledge nuggets alongside teaching strategies – they are not specific to a single exam There are three sessions, which are £5 each, or cost £15 for the set of three. You can also purchase this session paired with the poetry pack, at a discounted rate – more information here. The texts covered are Macbeth, An Inspector Calls and A Christmas Carol This includes humanity vs place, exploring poems about places. Humanity vs power includes the poems about power, and humanity vs trauma focus with poems about mental and physical trauma. To purchase, return to the shop page.

An Inspector Calls

This session was originally a part of the ‘Humanity in Conflict’ series. It has now been placed in the core text series, as it follows a similar structure. We look at the plot and key teaching strategies, contextual points to teach, themes and ways to explore them, characters and analysis. A key resource includes various documents which include every single stage direction in the play, split into acts and characters.

A Christmas Carol

A session which explores a range of strategies for teaching A Christmas Carol, including revision sheets and a range of motifs explored (weather, children, fire). We also consider how to include contextual factors and cover key subject knowledge areas throughout the session.


In this session we explore ways into character and themes, including specific teaching strategies and resources. We look at key contextual factors and the subject knowledge around them. We cover areas of high leverage analysis, including consideration of motifs, including blood, light and dark, and swords and daggers. Motif maps are included in the large resource folder.


Please use the form below if you have any issues with purchasing CPD. Also, if you are interested in more bespoke CPD for your English department, comment what you are looking for below and I’ll get back to you!

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