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This series is focused on the AQA Power and Conflict poetry cluster. There are three sessions, which are £5 each, or cost £15 for the set of three. You can also purchase this session paired with the core text pack, at a discounted rate – more information here. Each session focuses on the concept of humanity alongside another concept, constantly linking the poems together. This includes humanity vs place, exploring poems about places. Humanity vs power includes the poems about power, and humanity vs trauma focus with poems about mental and physical trauma. To purchase, return to the shop page. If you want to skip to read reviews of this series, click here.

Humanity Vs Place

In this session we explore the 5 poems on the first image, with a focus on the concept of place, and how that is explored across the five poems. There is a folder of 14 resources linked to the strategies discussed included in the package, including a high level model answering a question on place.

Humanity Vs Trauma

This session focuses on the concept of trauma, exploring the links between five poems which focus on physical and mental trauma. Another resource folder full of resources, including resources around the motif of the body across these poems.

Humanity vs Power

In this final session we look at the concept of power, but also begin to make links across the whole cluster. This resource pack is therefore very full – lots of strategies consider how to link all the poems together.


Wow, thank you for sending the resources out for tonight’s session, well ahead of time. This CPD is going to be fantastically helpful, your resources are editable, visual and ready to be easily used with students. Thank you in advance for all of your hard work and expertise.

Fantastic CPD. Amazing resources. Such great value. @LauraLolder is a knowledgeable and passionate speaker and I thoroughly enjoyed these sessions. Thank you.

Samantha Williams, via Twitter

Watched the final module of this superb series last night, cannot recommend Laura enough. Will definitely be doing her Macbeth and ACC courses now!

Jane chiappino, twitter
Watched two of these sessions. Quality of resources and pedagogy behind them is imv outstanding. These will help improve my year 11 lessons. Thank you very much. @Andrewde65 on Twitter

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