This series is focused on various elements of the AQA Language papers. There are three sessions, which are £5 each, or cost £15 for the set of three. You can also purchase this session paired with the marking literature sessions, ‘Pushing to the Next Level’ – more information here. The sessions focus on teaching structure for paper 1 question 3, teaching the planning of writing, and developing skills around 19th century non-fiction. To purchase, return to the shop page.

Structure Session

Click the video for more information! This session aims to cover lots of practical and next-day applicable strategies to cover structure. The folder is packed full of extracts and example answers.

Planning Writing Session

Click this video for more information! In this session I discuss the reasons behind giving students a paragraph structure, then a paragraph structure for both viewpoint and creative writing. I then discuss various practical strategies for each of the paragraph types. “Really enjoying the webinar. Learning lots. Massive thanks for sharing your knowledge🤗”

19thC Non-Fiction Session

Click this video for more information. In this session I discuss the examiner’s reports and what we can learn about where students are going wrong in their understanding of 19thC non-fiction. We then talk through how to build up students’ understanding of these extracts, and extract based skills, before specific strategies which enable students to focus in on the skills they will need.

Please use the form below if you have any issues with purchasing CPD. Also, if you are interested in more bespoke CPD for your English department, comment what you are looking for below and I’ll get back to you!

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