This series is focused on various teaching strategies for GCSE English Literature There are three sessions, which are £5 each, or cost £15 for the set of three. You can also purchase this session paired with the core text pack, at a discounted rate – more information here. The first session focuses on ensuring that students can learn and retain the best quotations. The second session explores various strategies for teaching and securing grades 7+ . The final session comes from the recent marking series, and I have included the moving to level 5 session. To purchase, return to the shop page.

Quotation Retention

Click the video for more information. In this session from 2021, we focus on the strategies needed in order to ensure quotation retention for GCSE students. We discuss how to select the most valuable quotations, how to introduce them as you read, then how to stagger and build to retrieval. We then focus on how to expand students’ knowledge around the quotation, and then longer term resources for embedding quotations.

Grade 7+ Session

Click the video for more information! This session aims to cover ways to ensure students get the top grades in English Literature, including what examiners are looking for and practical ways to engage students in the top of the mark scheme. It covers how to access the ‘critical’ top level, treating the text as a construct, how to build an argument, use of vocabulary and then tips for developing students beyond the classroom.

The next level: moving to level 5

This session follows on from the previous session in the ‘Pushing to the next level’ series – more information on this here. It is in this series as it works well alongside the grade 7+ session, where we focus specifically on how to move students from level 4 (grade 5-6) into level 5 (grade 7-8).

The session begins by examining and understanding level 4. We then look at examples from a range of texts – Macbeth, AIC, ACC, J&H, R&J, and both AQA poetry clusters. We then deconstruct the expectations and features of level 5, and compare examples of each of the text responses at level 5 to the level 4 examples. We then look at the findings from these comparisons and specific teaching strategies to move students up the level.

Please use the form below if you have any issues with purchasing CPD. Also, if you are interested in more bespoke CPD for your English department, comment what you are looking for below and I’ll get back to you!

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