Comparing Content: 10 Approaches to AQA Paper 2 Question 2

Teaching Top Tens

It appears that paper 2 of the new English Language GCSE from AQA is the greater of two new evils. Many teachers dislike the paper. But with the exception of the 19th century text, it really is a blessing. Honestly. Firstly, it has the most common trends with the old language GCSE. It offers non-fiction texts, which we are used to applying skills of summary and analysis to. It allows students to present their own viewpoint on a subject, and everyone knows teenagers have opinions. It offers a language question with an identical mark scheme to paper 1, allowing students to build on analysis of a short extract to selecting language across a whole source, and offering students an extra 4 marks for doing so. It has a question where students have to literally shade the boxes of statements which are true. So really, the problems lie with questions 2 and…

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