Quotation Application Test: Why, How, and What Next?

Teaching Top Tens

I’ve had a big response since I’ve post the quotation application test I started yesterday with my year 11. With retweets come questions and I’m not confident I can respond to them all on Twitter. So this post is split up into why I decided to create the sheet and what its purpose is, followed by how I did it and how I plan to develop it. First, here’s an example of the sheet completed so you know what I’m explaining:


Why I’m doing it:

1: I’ve already taught the quotations

If you haven’t read my blog post already about how I’ve been teaching quotations this year, it’s available here . Essentially I have been teaching students 3-4 quotations a week since October. The problem is that now, when we carried out a test on the first day back after half term, students had to write down 46 quotations and 4…

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