Ten Takeaways from ‘How to Teach English’ by Jennifer Webb

Teaching Top Tens

My main priority this summer-from a work perspective- is to do a lot of reading. I’ve got a notepad which I’m keeping with me as I read, and I’m jotting ideas down as I read. I offered on Twitter to share some of my reflections, and it was met with a positive response, so I’m going to go ahead and process some of my ideas in this post.

I saw Jennifer Webb speak at the Team English National Conference, and I absolutely loved her opening keynote, which had us all laughing and reflecting on our roles as English teachers. I immediately decided to buy her new book; I have seen a lot of positivity around it on Twitter so it was an easy choice to read. Below are 10 ideas/activities/thoughts I had when reading it – it’s not in chronological or any other type or order. Let me know if…

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