Ten Takeaways from Jo Facer’s ‘Simplicity Rules’

Teaching Top Tens

I saw Jo Facer speak at a researchEd English I attended a few years back in Swindon. Okay, having just checked, it was November 2015. There was a lot coming out of Micheala at the time, and I believe knowledge organisers were starting to be spoken about (but weren’t fully understood). I remember listening to her and I loved her speaking style: she was clearly so engaged in her subject, in the importance of knowledge, in breaking educational boundaries.

Therefore I was extremely excited when my Head of Department gave everyone a copy of her book at the end of the year. Not only was I excited to read it myself, I was intrigued to hear what others might think. We have introduced knowledge organiser, whole class feedback, and starters to recall knowledge- these all feature in Facer’s book. I’m hoping that if we read it as a department, it…

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