Ten Takeaways from ‘Retrieval Practice’ by Kate Jones

Teaching Top Tens

I really enjoy writing these posts and being able to summarise and synthesise everything I’ve taken form an edu book. I find it often takes me longer to read a book on teaching and learning than it does to read fiction as I’m doing a lot more mentally when I read it. It helps me to take notes and these always turn into one of these posts, where I have to give my thinking some order.

I love retrieval practice in an unhealthy teacher way. I know what impact it can have, how useful it can be, and some of the research behind it, but I know deep down that I’ve probably got into a bit of a rut with it. I do the 5-a-day drill questions, as do the whole department and whole school, still do the odd brain dump, sometimes do quizzes, do lots of verbal retrieval practice…

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